"It is brilliantly delivered with varied, relevant and informative content "
"A great variety of speakers covering a broad range of topics. Very useful and informative, particularly for someone like me who has only just joined the charitable sector! "
"I found the day to be very informative and helpful. It's always good to hear what other charities are doing and the threats they face "
"There were many excellent practical examples which we can use to increase our effectiveness and show our value to the leadership and managers of our Charities "
"An excellent mixture of both theoretical and practical insight. It was helpful to have real-world stories from speakers across all sectors, including government, solicitors and professional legacy administration organisations. "
"There was a good mix of topics and speakers. Excellent hosting by Suzanne "
"Hearing from Rachel from the RHS was very interesting for me because her position resonates with the position that we are in as a charity (A sharper focus on legacy fundraising is up-coming for us and something we wish to focus on!) "
"Each session was varied and all the speakers were fantastic as was the host! A great amount of detail was shared, which was very insightful "
"A good variety of views and advice which will no doubt be helpful in many cases "
"The Smee and Ford session was really insightful. I'll be going away to compare my charity against their results to see how we perform "
"Busy content, interesting topics and good speakers "
"Fantastic, really practical insight into how legacy income is forecasted and current thinking regarding legacy income in the next few years. Thank you! "
"Fantastic hosting. Meenaxi's session was very good, especially alongside the hospice and the very relatable experience she had - it was very relevant to all! "
"It was great to feel part of the Charity Legacy family and good to get the views of others. Sessions were not too long and an all round good conference! "
"Overall, very enjoyable and as an all-day zoom conference I got a lot out of it - thank you! "
"Super conference and a pleasure to be involved! "
"Very good, thank you everyone for sharing your knowledge, foresight, expertise and good practice. I took an awful lot away! "
"Well-paced day with knowledgeable presenters who were happy to share their experience "
"I liked that the presentations gave real examples of how they manage legacy administration in practice; The legacy forecasting session was excellent. Discussions about the impact for next year and plans / innovations going forward were also useful "
"I liked hearing how other real people are dealing with challenges we are all facing in legacy admin "
"I enjoyed hearing how other charities are coping with their workloads during this pandemic and it was great to hear all the ideas and room for improvements that we could implement in our team "
"It was great to feel part of the Charity Legacy family. Good to get views of others. Sessions were not too long. All good "
"Fantastic hosting. Meenaxi's session was very good, especially alongside the hospice and very relatable experience she had - it was very relevant to all "
"The topics were all good and enabled me to benefit from the experiences of people from larger charities. All the speakers were excellent, and the content was totally relevant to my work "
"Meeting like-minded legacy professionals, discovering that other charities experience the same issues "
"Communications workshop – it was great to hear how other charities deal with lay executors in a sensitive way "
" Putting faces to names and hearing how other charities operate and what their collaboration is with the rest of the charity "
"Everyone was informative and happy to help in future, I enjoyed the interaction between speakers and delegates "
" Engaging throughout, very good pace, pitched right, and a great vibe with a very collaborative feel! I liked it all! "