The Event

Wilmington Charities and Smee & Ford are delighted to announce our third annual meeting for legacy administration professionals, as a digital conference. 

This year, we will be expanding our themes to look at how legacy admin professionals can predict legacy income in the time of COVID-19, successful business strategy and stakeholder management during a pandemic, best practise for modernising legacy administration, plus much more!

But that’s not all, your ticket to Excellence in Legacy Administration 2020 will also give you exclusive access to a range of on-demand materials including pre-recorded case studies and interviews, how-to guides to reference when it suits you.

Why Attend?

The Excellence in Legacy Administration conference will provide you with the opportunity to gain insights on the new day-to-day challenges affecting the legacy administration sector.

This year, the event will look at the new ‘normal’ for legacy administration professionals, with sessions including:

Legacy income forecasting in the time of COVID-19 - how to predict your legacy income...

Discover how the sector can best predict the impact of a global pandemic on legacy giving. As legacy admin professionals, how can you accurately forecast short and long-term legacy income in the current financial climate.

Great expectations: successful business strategy and stakeholder management during a pandemic...

With charity fundraising income experiencing an average 30% decrease during 2020, find out how can legacy administration teams inform and reassure colleagues on the consistency of this revenue stream.

Modernising legacy administration - techniques, best practise, and communication...

Two experienced legacy managers will highlight how they have had to adapt their long-term practices during 2020 and discuss which of these new methods of working will stay for the long term to make legacy administration more streamlined, modern and flexible.

Plus much more...