Key themes

Spotlight on legacy income and probate notification data - We hear from key experts from the Smee & Ford, ILM and HMCTs to analyse the current landscape for gifts in wills. How quickly are charities receiving their notifications and bequests, how much money is coming their way?

Cost of living crisis – The major threat looming on the near horizon is the economy. High inflation, energy bills, the effects of equity release and the threat to house prices have the potential of causing a perfect storm of challenges that could seriously affect legacy income for decades to come.

Contested wills – causal area, economy or covid? What’s behind the significant spike in contested cases? How can legacy teams deal with this uptick with already stretched resources? We hear from three charities who give their perspective on the situation.

Forecasting legacy income during uncertain economic times - The legacy sector has made rapid changes and improvements to its working methods, processes, and capacity over the last 2 years – but how many legacy teams are fully up to date with their technology and data function?

Finding the next generation of your legacy team - Recruitment and staff turnover have never presented a bigger challenge for charity legacy teams. With vacancies taking too long to fill, and overstretched teams needing extra support – where can legacy managers find the professionals to fill the gaps?

Who should attend?

  • Relevant to all levels of charity and legacy professionals:  With sessions for all levels of the team and all sizes of charity – from those new to legacy fundraising, experienced legacy team members looking for inspiration and insight, and senior leaders and board members wanting more insight into the income and donor engagement opportunities that can be created from legacy fundraising, the summit is designed to appeal to all charities across the legacy sector.
  • International Legacy Fundraising: Our digital format will once again enable charities and speakers from charities outside the UK to view and participate in the summit – and we welcome their contribution to the day

Legacy administration professionals, as well as those who oversee charity income and strategy including:

  • Legacy Administration Managers
  • Legacy Managers
  • Finance Managers
  • Directors of Finance
  • Heads of Finance
  • Heads of Fundraising
  • Senior Legacy Officers
  • Heads of Legacies
  • Legacy Partnership Executives
  • CEOs
  • Legacy Officers
  • Legacy Administrators